Hey, I am Osman.

I am a photographer and architect based in London, travelling worldwide.

Growing up, an interest in Art and Graphic Design grew into a love for 3D design and architecture. I spent my leisure time at university dabbling in architectural and street photography. This lead into photographing people and places and the past four years I have honed my passion for both with wedding photography.

Working extensively in design helped to set up a method to my work. I employ my knowledge of composition, framing, leading lines, light and shade but also connections.

I search for the mood and the feeling, when I am in your environment on the day and shoot with instinct. I love a healthy mix of the timeless and modern. The wild fun with the intimate. I draw my inspiration from the glamour and intrigue of 20th century lifestyle, culture and street photography and contemporary fashion editorials from the likes of James Barnor, Carrie Mae Weeks, Hugh Bell, Campbell Addy, Garry Winogrand and Tyler Mitchell.

It is where I learned the spirit of improvisation and portraiture and to work curiously whilst subtly bringing this into your day.

I’m here for contemporary, modern and chilled couples who want their story told with a touch of editorial and a hint of nostalgia.

A few things about me:

  • I am a qualified architect and love being creative from music to designing jewellery.
  • I beatbox in the shower (and most places tbh)
  • I am a born and bred Londoner but have dual nationality with the UK and Ghana
  • I like a good science fiction book – A dragon, a wizard and a bit of magic and I am hooked
  • I absolutely love pasta! – Italy is officially heaven in my world
  • Talking about Italy, I love to travel and have been doing so since I was very young, the excitement of getting on a plane is second to none
  • You’ll find me and the family on a day off to an art museum, a design exhibition or a botanical garden.
  • Things on my watch list area good Anime with a great opening theme song, science fiction or fantasy show, property and interior design shows, and a good crime/murder series (The Nightwalker on Netflix anyone?!)
  • Osman aged 4

    A bit about how I work

    Before the wedding day – I like to get to know you a bit.

    This can be chatting via Zoom, meeting for a coffee (I prefer hot chocolate), or arranging a couple shoot.

    It’s great to hear a bit about what you’d like your day to be like, your plans so far and an opportunity for me to tell you a bit about how we can work together to achieve the best photos possible from your day.

    On the day – Aside from capturing the ceremony, I always like to have a bit of time with you alone to capture some creative, but natural looking photos of just the two of you.

    This is usually the first time you have been alone (minus me of course!) and I love getting those first moments of your marriage for you to remember.

    After your wedding – I spend time editing and selecting the best photos for you.

    All of which will be edited and in full resolution for you to print/share/enjoy.


    What would you say your style is?

    I don’t have a label for my work but my clients and friends have said it’s “journalistic”, “documentary” and “candid”.

    To be honest I just put all my efforts in telling your story in the most authentic, concise and beautiful way possible.

    I see myself as the narrator to your story.

    How Much do you charge?

    Each wedding is different, but I do my best to be as simple as possible with my prices. I have a full day package of 10 hours plus a bunch of add-ons so that you can tailor what you need to suit you. You can find out more here.

    Where are you based and do you travel?

    I am a based in London. I have covered weddings in the UK and Europe and hope to expand my horizons further afield with adventurous couples like yourself.

    How many images will we get?

    I don’t provide a specific number, although longer weddings naturally have more images. I believe in quality over quantity and delivering a gallery that takes you back to the day and how it felt. A general rule of thumb is around 100 images per hour booked

    We love your work! How do we get in touch?

    I always like to speak with you to get to know one another and make sure we’re a good fit.

    When you’re ready to book in, there is a deposit required to secure your date.

    Use the contact form to kick things off!

    When are our payments due?

    I take a 30% or £600 (whichever is less) once you book me to reserve your day. The remaining balance will be due one month prior to your wedding.

    How do we get the images afterwards?

    I always send a sneak peek of your day within a week of the wedding so you can start sharing your day with your family.

    Your complete set of images are delivered in around 6-8 weeks in an online gallery that is password protected and also allows for sharing and downloading of high resolution images.

    Full weddings receive their Oak Photo Box + USB about 4-5 digital delivery weeks after this.

    Do you have a second photographer?

    I can do. They will always be a fellow professional photographer that I know and trust.

    It’s really nice to have as it brings a lot more coverage to the day and it’s really special to see what your other half was getting up to – especially at the start of the day when you’re probably getting ready separately.

    These are priced at £400 to help me for the whole day.

    We’re both a little awkward and don’t really know how to pose!

    This is absolutely fine! Most people aren’t used to having a camera on them. In general I prefer natural images so posing is a minimum unless there’s a stray hair or misplaced hand. In this case I will give gentle direction so that everyone is comfortable.

    The TEam

    The Fox - Shelley

    The Wolf - Osman

    The woman behind the man behind the lens.

    The man behind the lens.

  • The sustenance provider – makes a mean roast dinner
  • Social media guru – helps the man stay sane
  • Favourite thing – having Osman’s famous scrambled eggs for breakfast with toast and a decaf tea and her feet up
  • Inaudible deep voice – constantly being asked to speak up
  • Super neat and super messy in equal measure
  • Favorite thing – sleeping in on a Saturday morning (which rarely happens!)
  • The bear - Idris

    The owl - nadiyah

    Reason number 2 the man is behind the lens.

    Reason number 1 the man is behind the lens.

  • The 6AM wake up call
  • The personal home demolition service
  • Favourite thing – Cars, Trucks and going to the Zoo
  • The artist in the making - Drawing and creating is her past time
  • The constant broken radio – she loves to sing
  • Favourite thing – playing with Daddy and her large collection of Sylvanian Families
  • Anyways, enough about me and mine.

    I’d love to hear more about you so let’s meet up or Zoom over a coffee, tea or my personal preference, a hot chocolate!
    You can tell me your your story and find out how I can help capture your special moments!

    Get in Touch!