Crossing Borders With Emma and Alex – Sofiero Farm, Sweden

November 17, 2022

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Emma & Alex

Emma, Alex and their beautiful dog, Elsie, are a global couple brought together by an interest in sports and a love for each other. Emma has Vietnamese roots but grew up in Malmo, Sweden – where the couple currently resides – while Alex is from England. 

The couple are avid sports enthusiasts with a passion for health, first meeting when they were studying a sports science course. They’ve both gone on to pursue careers in this field, with Emma opening up her own yoga studio. 

For their wedding day, the couple decided they wanted to start their lives together with a venue in their new home of Sweden. Helsingborg, the city where they got married, is one of the oldest cities in a country steeped in ancient history, making for a really scenic venue for wedding photographs. 

But it gets even better! For their chosen venue, the couple had gone with the former barn of Sofiero Palace in Helsingborg, originally the country mansion for the Swedish royal family. The potential for great wedding photographs was immense, and they were such an easy couple to work with.

In preparation for the day, Emma, her bridesmaids, her new mother- and father-in-law all got ready in a converted barn extension. Although the day started off quite cloudy, there was some great diffused light which worked well into the loft space. 

The barn itself was very large and lofty, with south-facing windows just behind the head table. This was ideal from a wedding photography angle. I really enjoyed shooting in this space as the windows were big enough to light all of the guests easily, without artificial lighting required.

Emma and Alex had gone with a banquet style of seating which I thought was very fitting with the venue, as it reminded me of a queen and queen holding court. And while the wedding couple was captivating on the day, Elsie did all she could to really be the star of the show! She spent the whole day at the wedding, and even came along with us for the couple shoots later on.

The couple shoot was awesome. Just a short distance away from the barn (after saying hello to some resident cows!), we emerged in a Scandinavian forest that offered incredible views over the icy North Sea. We wandered through the trees looking for pools of light to shoot in, as well as darker, more secluded areas for some contrast.

A little bit later in the day, we went out again to watch a stunning sunset and capture some more photographs during this golden hour. I always recommend this time of day for a couple shoot as the light is always much warmer and gives off a uniquely ethereal feel. To capture some more natural shots, I left Emma and Alex to play fetch with Elsie, while also letting them have some private time to simply chat and enjoy themselves. These moments always result in some incredibly relaxed wedding day photographs.