Capturing the Moments of Kathryn and Huu’s Wedding – The Barns, Lodge Farm

November 8, 2022

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Kathryn & Huu

The rustic elegance of wedding couple Kathryn and Huu’s wedding provided the perfect backdrop to capture their engaging personalities on the day. Their chosen wedding venue was the earthy Lodge Barn Farm with the neutral wood and concrete creating a great palate for the day’s theme ‘black, red and white’. Despite the wet weather conditions, the day went off incredibly well with the warm energy of the guests and bridal couple ensuring no spirits were dampened. 

The theme for this black-tie wedding had been very well thought-out, with the colours really popping against the venue’s muted tones. The black was brought in through the black-tie suits and the black of the bridesmaids’ dresses, contrasting beautifully with the white of Katie’s dress. Then there was a splash of red in the ties of the bridesmen to bring in Huu’s Vietnamese heritage, with red considered a lucky colour in the culture. 

Katie’s wedding dress, which was created by the talented Simone Rocha, was as unique as the bride. The gown was designed with incredible sleeves which could be worn in two ways, giving it a completely different effect. To add to the build-up, Katie kept the gown a complete secret, with everyone only getting their first look on the wedding day.

Both Katie and Huu were wonderful to work with because they knew exactly what they wanted from their wedding photographs, and they were able to communicate this with me. One thing that made this wedding couple really unique to other clients was the addition of a Pinterest board that provided a great visual. They used this to show me exactly what vibe they were going for on the day, and this was super helpful in letting me know exactly what type of photos they wanted.

A lot of the images that were on the Pinterest board were flash-heavy – something that might be difficult to communicate if you’re not a photographer, but was immediately evident to me. There was also a lot of imagery featuring the actual venue, which was helpful. One photo example that stuck in my mind was the flash-on-camera shot of the bride eating the cake – so that’s what they got!

Katie and Huu’s Pinterest Board

They knew from the start that they wanted a more modern aesthetic rather than something too pastoral so they specifically asked that I don’t record any of the agricultural equipment strewn around the farm – a request I could easily accommodate. And to better achieve their desired aesthetic, I focused on the architecture (a real passion of mine as a London architect!) focusing on the colours and texture of the barn. The ripple on the corrugated metal door to the granary; the warm timber beams; and the black-painted timber facade on the barns captured the essence of what they were looking for.

When communicating with a wedding photographer, the more you can share as a wedding couple, the better your chance of achieving that desired look. This type of mood board is an excellent way of explaining your aspirations for the day to me in a concise, visual way. And, in the end, Katie and Huu got the memories they were looking for.