What is ‘Modern’ in the Wedding Industry?

April 2, 2023

Timeless and classic are the baselines for a lot of weddings. It can be difficult to find your footing around the pressure to emulate what romance historically looks like. Fortunately, there are plenty of options evolving with a new generation. Modern is of the moment and celebrates this moment in time. 


Since establishing Wolf and Co Photography and developing a premium product offering to capture the purest of memories, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most inspiring people, all of whom contribute towards making your day a success. I’ve asked them for their interpretation of what it means to be “modern” in the wedding industry, as well as their advice for modern wedding couples. This is what they had to say.

Ink & Paper 


What is modern stationery? For me, ‘modern’ is tearing up the strict confines of the formal invitation rulebook. We are no longer bound by the same conventions as our parents and grandparents, and I firmly believe that your invitations should be reflective of your relationship. As a letterpress design studio, my work is rooted in this most traditional of techniques. I don’t, however, create your typical invitations. There is no ‘Palace Script’ and the invitation wording reflects the world we live in today: it’s about collaboration, joy and most importantly, fun.


Many of my couples choose to incorporate elements personal to them in their designs – be it a nod to their culture or heritage, a pet, or a special place. This year, some of my favourite projects have seen my clients get creative with colour and shape, embracing not just a more playful style of lettering, but being more individual in their wording too.


If you’re looking to put your own stamp on your wedding invitations, remember, it’s your day. It’s all about celebrating your love story. Don’t be afraid to set the tone for your guests with some gorgeously personal stationery. Do keep your parents involved, and get them to proofread and check for legibility – but don’t let them run the show!

wedding card collage

Grace & Kin 


We find our customers are now buying with the purpose of handing it down to future generations, creating modern family heirlooms. Alongside longevity, we find jewellery pieces that provide the most versatility are the most popular. For example, our Irregular Pearl Drop Earrings can be enjoyed on someone’s special day, or the pearl can be removed to provide a classic gold hoop that can be styled for a different outfit. Modern for us is a timeless design with pieces you can wear again and again.

lady and jewellery collage



When I think of ‘modern’ in terms of bridal makeup, I think of a fresh, subtle makeup look created with minimal coverage. This is best achieved if you can incorporate a good skincare routine well before your wedding date. This is my number one tip for all my brides, as it helps me – as your artist – to showcase your healthy, glowing skin within. Its simplicity, elegance, and timelessness at their finest. You can never go wrong with this look, so it’s a firm favourite among my brides.


Another favourite is soft, glam makeup which has become very popular recently. It’s done in a way that feels and looks much lighter, with emphasis on the eyes. This look can be completed with nude or soft shimmery tones to suit your complexion, or you can smoke it up a little. This look is subjective and can be tailored to your comfort level or makeup style.


Basically, it’s a step up from natural makeup and a step down from full glam, so it’s perfect for those who like to wear makeup and don’t want to look like a completely different person on their wedding day. It provides a polished, more enhanced version of yourself.

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AM Falkner 


I think in terms of my work, I would say it’s that modern is the contemporary use of materials. I often mix ‘non-bridal’ materials with more classic millinery materials and let that juxtaposition dictate how the piece looks. Over the years I’ve worked with preserved flowers, PVC, glass, and laser-cut wood, mixed with classic tulles, pearls and beads to create pieces. Experimenting with different materials is the part of the design process I enjoy most. 


At the moment, I have a lot of clients asking for ballet-length veils. It’s a length that falls between mid-calf and floor, and it means the veil can be worn for much longer. It gives the effect of a full-length veil but it’s easier to wear as it’s not skimming the floor which means you don’t have to worry about it being stepped on or tripped over. 


My advice for couples selecting outfits is just to make sure you dress for yourself, and feel like yourself. When brides go outfit shopping, just bring your nearest and dearest. Too many different opinions can be overwhelming and confusing. 

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Little Moments Films 


A modern wedding to me means no limitations and celebrating your wedding in your unique and personal way. This could mean opting to break traditions in elements of your day from the styling, venue, and flower choices even down to how you say your ‘I do’s’. 


When I think of a modern wedding, I think of breaking the traditions of white and ivory classic traditional styling you often see. This could mean going big and bold with bursts of colour, or clean, sleek and minimal. As a videographer, I love modern weddings as I get to truly see my couple’s personalities carefully reflected throughout their wedding day in all its glory. It’s beyond amazing to see how different couples may interpret and put their own spin and style on what modern means to them. You see something new every time!


Here are examples of their amazing work.

Louise + Mel

Aidan + Abbie